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Welcome to Violet Books!

Jessica Amanda Salmonson & Rhonda J. Boothe, curatrices

Aunt Violet's Book Museum is a referench-rich domain for fans & collectors of literary ghost stories, Victorian science fiction, Yellow Nineties Decadence, H. Rider Haggard & haggardesque "Lost Race" novels, Marie Corelli & other occult romancers, Rafael Sabatini & Jeffery Farnol & all vintage swashbuckling historical romances, westerns, Yukon adventures, jungle tales, Sax Rohmer & all weird thrillers, classic detectives, vintage children's & young adult fantasies & series books, & all such things old, fictional, adventurous, & weird -- old genre books of a numerous & vintage type.

These many pages are meant to be fun & useful for all who collect & care about these literatures. I've a continuously growing body of essays & bibliographies covering my special interests in writers & genres, & a large & growing gallery of rare dustwrappers, decorative bindings, & golden age book illustrations.

If you would care to contribute to the website, about areas where your expertise as a collector or critic overlap this website's topics, knowledgable essays are very welcome. My fellow collectors of weird fiction are cordially invited to contribute to the Violet Books e-zine The Weird Review, or to contribute essays to any aspect of Violet Books' obsession for thrilling old literatures.


Some Special Interests

She, by H.Rider HaggardH. Rider Haggard & all Haggardesque Lost Race novels constitutes a genre much-loved by generations of fantasy readers & collectors, & greatly appeals to my retro tastes. For more about Lost Race novels, read my essay, A Meditation on Lost Race Literature & similar articles; or scan the Lost Race Checklist & poke around in the dustwrapper art Gallery where there are several rooms of Lost Race material.

Sarah Orne JewettThe literary ghost story is of special interest to me, particularly the short form. Of special significance are the "James Gang" antiquarian ghost story writers in the manner of M. R. James such as H. R. Wakefield, or Augustus Jessopp the friend of M. R. James. Equally of value are psychological ghost stories in the manner of Oliver Onions or Olivia Howard Dunbar or Vernon Lee; religiously inclined ghost stories in the manner of R. H. Benson; regionalist ghost stories such as composed by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman or Sarah Orne Jewett; mystic weirds epitomized by Algernon Blackwood or Georgia Wood Pangborn; esoteric ghost stories such as those of Henry James – & really anything in the fictional supernatural department.

I have lots more special interests, & I love to talk about them, so I've got a whole Special Interests section which I'll be updating & expanding at regular intervals.


Violet Book's proprietrice, Jessica Amanda SalmonsonIf I may boast momentarily, I am a recipient of the World Fantasy Award, Lambda Award, & ReaderCon Award, for my work as a researcher & editor of fantastic & weird literatures. You may find cause to refer to the bibliography of my own works & then check out the e-text for one of my short stories. I am currently very active as an editor of historically significant authors of supernatural tales, providing signal bibliobiographical essays for each book.


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