TarzanA landmark study,
Tarzan in the Holy Land
by Eli Eshed


I'm so proud to have some slight connection to this book & to have a nod in the Acknowledgements, though my main contribution was merely enthusiasm for Eli Eshed's research & volunteering to edit his 10,000 word English language introduction after suggesting he include such an introduction. English is Eli's second language. My editing amounted to minor blue-penciling, but I nevertheless get to feel helpful.

Eli has researched & produced a guide to over 1,000 Tarzan books published in Israel. Although the bibliographic details are in Hebrew, it is illustrated throughout with cover illustrations from all the main Tarzan series published in Eli's country. So the pictorial value makes the book of interest even for the majority who do not read Hebrew.

As a labor of love rather than for profit, this hefty book was produced by xerography, including full color xerographic front & back covers, hand perfectbound & bigger than a lot of phone books. A detail from the cover decorates this page.

Only the Violet Books edition has the lengthy English language introduction. This is a greatly expanded version of a preliminary, synoptic essay on the same topic, previoiusly prepared for the Violet Books website, & which can be read Here!

You can obtain Tarzan in the Holy Land: The Adventures of Tarzan in Israel from Violet Books for $55.00 plus $4 for Priority Air Mail.


copyright 2000 by Jessica Amanda Salmonson


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