Close-ups of Antiquarian Supernatural Literature
with some emphases on the Short Story

The Weird Review

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Welcome To The Weird Review,
where you too can share your opinions
of some of the books in your collection

The seed for The Weird Review came from the newsgroup alt.books.ghost-fiction -- one of the few honestly bookish newsgroups on UseNet. Though the last few years' commentaries & exchanges at alt.books.ghost-fiction are archived & accessible through DejaNews, many of the pieces that appeared in that newsgroup were stand-alone articles I really felt deserved an e-zine presentation. For more information about the newsgroup, visit Bill Allison's alt.books.ghost-fiction FAQ.

Thanks to the newsgroup I was able to "dash together" an impressive seed for The Weird Review. Many of the original postings have been specially revised for this e-zine, others are pretty much as they originally appeared, except in The Weird Review they get to be illustrated & a tiny bit fancier in presentation. New articles & new contributors are very welcome -- the only qualification being a delight in the literature & an eagerness to write about that which delights you.

The focus is on vintage weird fiction, especially Victorian give or take a couple decades, with a little extra focus toward the Short Story. Reviews of anthologies, single-author collections, & even on individual short stories of merit are just the thing, but also of course old weird novels of ghosts & the supernatural.



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