2008 Updates & Notices:

It's been some while since I've had catalogs on the web, but starting mid to late in January I'm beginning to build a "payable through PayPal" catalog of books I've written or edited.

Here Is the Catalog of some of the books I've written.

Here Is the Catalog Continued of more books I've written.

Here Is the Catalog of the "Grim Maids" series
of American Mistresses of the Macabre.

Here Is the Catalog of additional books I've edited.

I haven't updated my on-line bibliography in years & now find that I've in general kept very poor records of what has appeared where, especially since about 1997. I'm scouring the house for contributor copies of anthologies & what-nots to which I contributed, & am trying to catch up on the biblio. On January 20 I'm posting a partial update of
my short stories bibliography.

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