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for excellence in coverage of vintage genre fiction



Whoever has enjoyed the type of literatures covered by Violet Books will likewise find the Violet Bookmark Award Winners are all worthy of bookmarking on your web browser. The criteria for this award is superiority in the coverage of vintage fantasy, s-f, detective, weird, juvenile, western, swashbuckler or adventure fictions of various sorts. It is not given to sites covering modern literature or which are predominantly about subjects other than books.

Anyone can recommend a favorite site, or their own site, for the Violet Bookmark Award. Just e-mail with your recommendations.

The following links will take you to sites that have received the Violet Bookmark Award.


The Page of Fu Manchu The bibliography alone is exhaustive & had it been published in book form by the likes of Gale Research or Scarecrow or similar research-tool publishers, it'd cost you $75.00 plus shipping. But here it is for free. Also if you like Pritty Pictures as much as I do, there's no derth of gorgeous dustwrappers & paperback covers here. Coverage of foreign language editions, cinema, everything related to Fu Manchu, it's all here.

The Ernest Bramah Page
Extensive bibliographic information, rare biographical information & plenty of illustrations of the dustwrappers & bindings. Mike Berro's labor of love fully achieves my ideal of the perfect single-author website.

The Endicott Studio Fairy Tale Page
Editor, artist & author Terri Windling founded Endicott Studio, whose web presence has become a remarkable place indeed. The intelligence & beauty of fairy literature is entirely evident from the broad coverage, which ranges from newsy to academic, & the site itself is elegantly designed.

The Jeffery Farnol Appreciation Society
Farnol's swashbucklers are covered here, both new & historical essays on his works, book jacket illustrations, plus there's a message board where fellow Farnol fans exchange opinions & information.

Soon's Historical Fiction Site
Soon makes no pretense as to fancy visuals for his site, but information-rich it certainly is, & by its simplicity in presentation it's a quick download for even the smallest computer. Central to the site's usefulness is a growing body of biblio/biographical reports on as many historical romancers as possible. Soon also founded an historical fiction newsgroup on UseNet.

The Gerald Kersh Page
Kersh was a great writer of supernatural horror short stories & novels of London slum life & crime. Hosted within the Harlan Ellison Page, here is another "simple presentation" site that does nothing graphically fancy but has so much useful information on this author that it is 100% praiseworthy & exciting.

The Friends of Fantomas Web Page & the Fantomas Web Site
Fantomas was a kind of Moriarity, and Juve a kind of Holmes, in this French series of exotic & macabre Parisian crime-thrillers, only a few of which have ever been published in English. These two independent yet interlocking websites present splendid coverage of this too-little-known (in English) series character, decorated with many lovely illustrations of the masked fiend.

"Sir Percy's Place," the Baroness Orczy Page
So, you love the Pimpernel, nu? What excellent taste you have! And here's a website that will deepen your just appreciation for the Hungarian baroness & her tales which range from detection to swashbuckling heroism.

"The Curved Saber" Harold Lamb Page
Lamb wrote predominantly heroic fantasy & swashbuckling historicals. The Curved Saber has numerous Lamb-related features on his technique, his bibliography, biographical details, reviews. Also in the works is a salvage operation for his uncollected pulp stories, predominantly historicals which the site owner is transferring to e-texts from moldering pulps.

Alexander Dumas Page
There are a couple really lovely Dumas pages in France but woe is me they're in French. This one, however, is a dual-site having a parallel English version, bless their swashbuckling hearts.


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