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Whoever has enjoyed the type of literatures covered by Violet Books will likewise find the Violet Bookmark Award Winners are all worthy of bookmarking on your web browser. The criteria for this award is superiority in the coverage of vintage fantasy, s-f, detective, weird, juvenile, western, swashbuckler or adventure fictions of various sorts. It is not given to sites covering modern literature or which are predominantly about subjects other than books.

Anyone can recommend a favorite site, or their own site, for the Violet Bookmark Award. Just e-mail with your recommendations.

The following links will take you to sites that have received the Violet Bookmark Award.


Ages Past Magazine Historical Fiction
A handsomely designed webzine crammed with original historical fiction & material about historical fiction. I don't award fiction websites lightly; I usually despise them. But this site's contributors have a real understanding of the form, & there is nothing akin to this site in the print-world or on the web, great though it would be if there were a swashbuckler & historical fiction magazine in the print-world. If the publisher ever gets tired of doing this & it someday becomes a dead url, the world will have lost something excellent.

"Ghosts & Scholars" M. R. James Page
This page is the central resource on the web for topics relating to M. R. James & similar sorts of authors who specialized in the literary ghost stories. It's also the place to obtain information on The Haunted Library's print-magazine Ghosts & Scholars & other publications, but whether or not you subscribe to the print-magazine you will find plenty of news & reviews for the whole area of ghostly literature that you will just be tickled to death that you bookmarked Rosemary's lovely website.

Bud Plant Illustrated Books
This is a commercial website selling illustrated books of all sorts, but it's also much more. The site is useful & fun even for individuals who may not be buying books off the net. The Bud Plant Illustrated Books website has extensive pages of biblio/biographies on artists of the Golden Age of Book Illustration, a vast number of whom illustrated swashbucklers or children's fantasies. Samples of these great artists' works are shown at this illustration-filled location on the web.

"The Eldritch Dark," Clark Ashton Smith Page
The greatest writer of weird tales in the 20th Century was Clark Ashton Smith. Decadent & exceedingly macabre, his stories were set in ages & eras that bare little resemblance to anything fathomably of our own world. The Eldritch Dark includes bibliographical & biographical information, plus scads of features on everything relating to Smith, even an extensive array of works by modern writers consciously emulating the content & style of the Divine Klarkashton.

The Cthulhu Mythos: A Guide
There are many, many worthy Lovecraftian sites on the web. This one stands tall among a tall lot, & it's a good starting point because it includes many resource links that will take you into an ever-spreading community of Cthulhu & Lovecraft fans on the web. Essays, a map of Innsmouth, art, & other features support & add to the centerpiece of the site, an extensive Guide which provides an extensive alphabetical list to characters & monsters indexed to the tales by Lovecraft & diverse hands who extended the Mythos.

The H. P. Lovecraft Archive
One of the most tastefuly designed Lovecraft websites, with a content that justifies the presentation. An unmatched resource for Lovecraft studies serious to fannish, bio & bibliographical resources, & all related popular culture items relating to Howeard Phillips Lovecraft.

The Ultimate Tom Swift Collector's Guide
Just about everything you'll ever need to know about Tom Swift Senior & his later offspring will be found at this extensive site. The centerpiece of the site is a comprehensive reference guide to all of the books. There are many extras beside, such as a biographical article on Howard Garis who was the primary author behind the original Swift, a "Who's Who" guide to Tom Swift experts & collectors, detailed reviews of individual books, & so much more.

Spindrift Island, An Official Rick Brant Website
Rick Brant, young electronics genius, is the protagonist of a long series of juvenile science fiction novels only slightly less famous than Tom Swift. The Spindrift Island site has essays, illustrations, maps, a guide to characters, & much else of interest that will expand anyone's love of this series to ever greater heights.

Zane Grey's West Society Website
Collectors will find the information on editions invaluable & everyone will enjoy the essays & pictorial material. In addition to the careful bibliography, there's a biographical essay, a filmography, general information about the Zane Grey Society & its conventions, a Zane Grey "geography," information about Zane Grey magazines & comic books, society members' book reviews &c. This is the place to extend one's appreciation for this classic American author.

Max Brand/Frederick Faust Web Site
This young site is striving toward becoming the definitive resource on Max Brand, best known for his western adventures, but also for Dr Kildare & many other types of books. There's already a biographical sketch, news on in-print books, information on the estate & agent, all nicely illustrated. Yet to appear is a serviceable bibliography which is all that is needed to make the site invaluable to collectors & admirers of Frederick Faust, but I'm jumping the gun awarding the site right now because Ron & his pals can't be encouraged too much.


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