The Gothic & Supernatural Works of Marie Corelli

An Alphabetical Bibliography of First Editions

by Jessica Amanda Salmonson


Devil's MotorEstablishing the British first editions for Marie Corelli is vastly more certain than for American firsts, due to the swift activities of unauthorized publishers who took advantage of an imperfect international copyright situation of the late nineteenth century. I have attempted to resolve each trouble area & have identified what I am fairly certain are the priority of editions, yet have noted in the bibliography wherever US first edition status has been uncertain. I would be glad of any corrections of error or omission, or evidence of edition priorities, brought to my attention.

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Ardath: The Story of a Dead Self. Ln: Bentley, 1889 triple decker; NY: Ivers, n.d. The plethora of US editions (pirated & legal from nearly a dozen publishers) renders the true American first a little uncertain; NY: Hurst, 1890, conceivably predates the Ivers. Ancient-world fantasy inspired by Vathek.

Barabbas, A Dream of the World's Tragedy. Ln: Methuen, 1893 triple decker; Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1894. The US 1st edition comes in a variety of binding states with no indication of the actual first printing. An occult romance set in the time of the crucifixion.

Cameos: Short Stories. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1895; Ln: Hutchinson, 1896; NY: Street & Smith [1901]. The Lippincott edition with ten stories (three supernatural: "The Distant Voice", "The Withering of a Rose", "The Lady with the Carnations") includes a nonfantasy novella "My Wonderful Wife" missing from the UK edition, & which had appeared separately as My Wonderful Wife: A Study in Smoke (Ln: White, 1889; NY: Ivers, 1890), a rarity but of no interest to fantasy collectors. The Street & Smith includes one extra fantasy, "The Soul of the Newly Born". The Hutchinson edition with fifteen tales drops the novella "My Wonderful Life" but adds the allegories "God's Light on the Mountains" & "The Soul of the Newly Born" plus four nonfantasies & a new introduction of considerable interest. Thirteen of the tales from the UK selection were reprinted in a different order as The Song of Miriam & Other Stories. One of the fantasy tales common to all editions also appeared as a slim fourteen page book, The Distant Voice: A Fact or Fancy. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1896.

A Christmas Greeting Of Various Thoughts, Verses & Fancies. Ln: Methuen, 1901; NY: Dodd Mead, 1901. From among several fantasies, "The Devil's Motor" was reissued separately, with illustrations added, in 1910.

Delicia & Other Stories. Ln: Conbstable, 1907. The rare collection reprints "The Ghost in the Sedan Chair" from A Christmas Greeting, besides four newly collected tales, one of these fantastic, "The Despised Angel: An Allegory." The title novella appeared separately as The Murder of Delicia (Ln: Skeffington 1896 ) but is not fantastic nor even a murder tale so of little interest to fantasy collectors per se.

The Devil's Motor: A Fantasy. Ln: Hodder & Stoughton, 1910; NY: George H. Doran, 1911. Six color plates by Arthur Severn, one of which I have included above on this page. The tale is reprinted from A Christmas Greeting. There was an interior Hodder & Stoughton editon of 100 copies leatherbound & signed by Marie & Arthur.

The Distant Voice: A Fact or Fancy. Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1896. A short fantasy tale reprinted from Cameos.

The Hired Baby, with Other Stories & Social Sketches. Leipzig: Tauchnitz, 1891. This rare collection (unseen) was mainly absorbed into Cameos. It includes, according to the National Union Catalog, at least one supernatural tale, "The Lady with Carnations." But Corelli collector Michel Snoeck owns a copy of The Hired Baby, & other stories by famous authors (NY: Optimus, n.d.; 1894?) for which all but 'Hired Baby' is by other authors.

Holy Orders, The Tragedy of a Quiet Life. Ln: Methuen, 1908; NY: Stokes, 1908; Toronto: Briggs, 1908. This is quite marginal for fantasy content; the character of the decadent inventor & his flying machine give it a Fantastic Flight ingredient. It is mainly an aggressive Temperance novel about rural England.

The Life Everlasting: A Reality of Romance. Ln: Hodder & Stoughton, 1911; NY: George H. Doran, 1911; Toronto: Briggs, 1911. Tale of immortality.

The Love of Long Ago & Other Stories. Ln: Methuen, 1920; New York/Toronto: Doubleday Page, 1921. Fifteen tales, six of them more or less supernatural.

The Master-Christian. Ln: Methuen, 1900; in the US as The Master-Christian: A Question of the Time. NY: Dodd Mead, 1900. Time-travelling baby Jesus.

The Mighty Atom. Ln: Hutchinson, 1896; Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1896. Weird science.

Poems. Ln: Hutchinson, 1925; NY: George H. Doran, 1925. Includes some poems with fantasy themes.

A Romance of Two Worlds, A Novel. Ln: Bentley, 1886 double decker; NY: Ivers, [1888]. The American 1st is not absolutely certain because of the plethora of pirated editions. Even authorized editions carry no date unless that of the copyright. At least one unauthorized edition (NY: Munro, n.d.) may have preceded the Ivers.

The Secret Power: A Romance of the Time. Ln: Methuen, 1921; New York/Toronto: Doubleday Page, 1921. Weird science.

The Silver Domino; or, Side Whispers, Social & Literary. Ln: Lamley & Co., 1892; new preface added to the 2nd edition of 1892. This scarce book was issued anonymously & the narrator was identified genderlessly (with strong intimations of being a "he") as the Silver Domino. In its pages Marie attacked literary & arts circles from the safety of her anonymity, & got herself quicky into trouble for it (to the point that she later forbade the book be mentioned in her presence, & even pretended her brother Eric wrote all of the snottier bits; he may have written portions). Though primarily essays, the penultimate paper affects to be a ghost story. Entitled "Byron Loquitur," our anonymous commentator, Silver Domino, argues with a ghost at a seance, sharing literary discourse & a lengthy poem.

The Song of Miriam & Other Stories. NY: Munro, 1898. Thirteen stories, four of them fantastic. A largely redundant selection, nearly identical in content with the UK edition of Cameos, though the stories are in different order, with the preface & two stories dropped (lacking the nonfantasy "The Hired Baby" & allegorical "God's Light on the Mountain"; nor does it include "My Wonderful Wife" from the US first of Cameos). I've seen undated reprints of The Song of Miriam from NY: Hurst, & Chicago: Donahue.

The Sorrows of Satan, by Marie CorelliThe Sorrows of Satan; or, The Strange Experiences of One Geoffrey Tempest, Millionaire: A Romance. Ln: Methuen, 1895 triple decker; Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1896.

The Soul of Lilith. Ln: Bentley, 1892 triple decker; NY: Lovell, 1892. As status of US editions is not always certain, some references presume the US first was Grosset & Dunlap. Weird fantasy.

The Strange Visitation of Josiah McNason: A Ghost Story. Ln: Newnes, 1904. The first edition is an exceedingly rare oversized papercover, issued as a supplement to the Christmas 1904 issue of The Strand, with some exported for sale in the United States (New York: International News, 1904). It was some years later reissued in hardcover with the abbreviated title The Strange Visitation (Ln: Hodder & Stoughton, 1912). The hardbound facsimile reprint of the original paper edition (NY: Arno, 1976) is the US hardcover first, & first edition printed in the US rather than imported. Dickensian goblin tale.

Temporal Power: A Study in Supremacy. Ln: Methuen, 1902; NY: Dodd Mead, 1902. A "Graustarkian fantasy" or alternative history, revolution in an imaginary-nation ruled by a socialist king.

Twin Souls: The Strange Experiences of Mr Ramses. Ln: n.p., 1887, double-decker. Published anonymously, so far as the publisher knew it was the work of Charles MacKay, Marie's father. But he was very ill & under her continuous care & it seems probable that Marie's "secretarial" assistance amounted to her own complete revision. For this reason it uses the same themes from A Romance of Two Worlds which she published a year earlier, & reads like a precursor to her Egyptian occult tale of two souls in Ziska.

Vendetta!; or, The Story of One Forgotten. London: Bentley, 1886, triple-decker; NY: W. L. Allison, 1886. Priority of US 1st is uncertain; some references suppose NY: Ivers, n.d., preceded the Allison. Not actually supernatural but so horrific as to nearly qualify.

Withering of a Rose. NY: Prudential Book, n.d. [circa 1900]. Unseen, but in the collection of Corelliphile Michel Snoeck. A single ghost story in small wraps from the 'Wakefield series' No. 86.

Wormwood, A Drama of Paris. Ln: Bentley, 1886 triple decker; NY: Munro, n.d. Gothic horror.

The Young Diana: An Experiment of the Future. London: Hutchinson, 1918; NY: George H. Doran, 1918. Frankenstein theme.

Ziska: The Problem of a Wicked Soul. Bristol: Arrowsmith, 1897; Chicago: Stone & Kimball, 1897. Weird fantasy set among the pyramids.

Prolific from the Grave —
Posthumous Works by Marie Corelli

Agnes, Dorothy. The Voice of Marie Corelli. Fragments from "The Immortal Garden." Manchester: Sherrat & Hughes, 1933. Marie's spirit seems to have had some trouble connecting across the veil, since Dorothy (sufficiently ashamed of herself to use a nom de plume) only squeezed 56 pages out of the departed author.

Elfram, M. Paulus Antonius: A Tale of Ancient Rome. Ln: "Spiritual Truth," 1932. Written, claims the subtitle, "by Marie Corelli -- in spirit. Through the hand of M. Elfram." One can appreciate why the occult press felt they should put "Truth" in quotes.

Webb, Blanche A. Judith. Boston: Christopher Publishing House, 1950. Dictated to Blanche by the spirit of Marie Corelli.

Wild, Cyril A. No Matter. Ln: Regency Press, 1969. Lucky Cyril was guided in writing this novel by the spirit Lalasal for Marie Corelli.

You may also have cause to refer to the
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The Life & Gothic Tales of Marie Corelli
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