Country DoctorDr. Mordaunt George Dundas:
The Original of H. Rider Haggard's "Doctor Therne"

a note from Jennifer Thacker


Hello Jessica:

H. Rider Haggard's 1898 novel Doctor Therne is supposed to be based on my great grandfather.

The story goes according to my Mum: My Mum was told by her mother that her grandfather was a country Doctor. His name was Dr. Mordaunt George Dundas. He lived & had his practice for a long period of time in Litchum, Norfolk, England where my Grandmother & a couple of her sisters were born.

Ryder Haggard lived in the same village as my great-grandfather. He wrote the novel Dr. Therne based upon my great-grandfather.

My mother informs me he would visit with his children on Sunday for an hour or two. That was how things went during that time period.

I do not know the exact details how long they resided there but will work on findout out more. I am not sure if this helps or if it is enough info, but that is what I know for the most part.

I have included a picture of him sitting with his son.



Copyright 2003 by by Jennifer Thacker


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