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Essays on fantastic & mysterious literatures

by Jessica Amanda Salmonson & Helping Hands

Two Centuries of Women's Supernatural Stories

Sarah Orne Jewett & the Ghost Story, with a Special Note regarding her influence upon H. P. Lovecraft

The Uncanny Stories of Georgia Wood Pangborn

The Psychological Ghost Stories of Olivia Howard Dunbar

Rose Petals, Drops of Blood: The Life of Marjorie Bowen, Mistress of the Macabre

The Antiquary of Arcady: Augustus Jessopp, the friend of M. R. James

Frederick Stuart Greene: Horror's Discarded Genius

The Delicate Bouquet of Crime: The Plausibility of Ernest Bramah's Character Max Carrados, Blind Detective

On Bookfinger, A Neglected 1970s Speciality Publisher of Macabre & Supernatural Mysteries

Moping About Karl Edward Wagner, the late horror author & antiquarian book collector

Marie Corelli & her Occult Tales

A Visit to Marie Corelli's Gravesite, by Roger Collier

Marie Corelli On Why She Wrote "The Young Diana"

Marie Corelli's "The Silver Domino"

Magic Realists' Ghost Tales from South America

Bruno Schulz & the Exultant Darkness.

A Fallen Master of the Macabre: Vincent O'Sullivan, the Friend of Oscar Wilde

"What Began as an Article About August Derleth" by Richard Fawcett

A dialogue between Weird Tales author H. Warner Munn & Jessica Amanda Salmonson

Nathaniel Hawthorne's Son: Julian Hawthorne's Beginnings & Beliefs

On Yellow Peril Characters by Jess Nevins

A Game Board Based on Sax Rohmer's Fu Manchu; pictorial commentary

Tarzan in Israel, by Eli Eshed

Bomba the Jungle Boy Dustwrapper Types

Collecting Roy Rockwood's Great Marvels Series

The Dark Side of Horatio Alger, Jr.

Hobos & Socialists: Emanuel Haldeman-Julius & the Little Blue Books

Ayn Rand, More Popular than God, Allege Objectivist Naifs!


Essays Relating to H. Rider Haggard

A Meditation on Lost Race Literature, with special reference to the works of H. Rider Haggard

"Dear Rider Haggard," A Dedicatory Epistle by Andrew Lang, together with Rider's return epistle & needless commentary by J. A. Salmonson

She: The Veiled Reflection of the Femme Fatale's Fire, by Allan R. Cook

The Filming of King Solomon's Mines at Otto's Bluff, by Stephen Coan

H. Rider Haggard & Pagadi's Kop

Ghost Mountain & "Nada the Lily" by Stephen Coan,

H. Rider Haggard's Hero Umslopogaas: Where is He Buried? by Stephen Coan

Allan & the Ice-Gods, an essay by David Pringle

Lost Races, Forgotten Cities, by Lin Carter

H. Rider Haggard's SHE by Donald A. Wollheim

On H. Rider Haggard's African Popularity, by Erik Grossman

An historical note on H. Rider Haggard's 1898 novel "Doctor Therne"

About Cynthia Stockley & Her South African Romances

Cynthia Stockley 's Norfolk Manse "Rainbow's End"


Essays Relating to Swashbucklers, Historicals, & Heroic Fantasies

Thoughts on the Enjoyment of Heroic Fantasy, with special reference to Robert E. Howard

Amazon Heroic Fantasy

Dark Agnes, an analysis of Robert E. Howard's Sword Woman

Conab the Bonehead, A Tale lampooning one of the author's own favorite literatures

Strange Compassion: The genius & tragedy of fantasist David Madison

The Emma-Lindsay Squier Front Page: How the Emma Lindsay Squire Webpages Came About

About the Portrait of Emma-Lindsay Squier

Emma-Lindsay Squier & the Dancing Pirate

Emma-Lindsay Squier's Magic Wand, a personal remembrance by Aileen Bloch

On Autumn Trails: Emma-Lindsay's Beasts of the Wood (& of the silent screen)

About James E. Allen, Action Illustrator

The Pirate Novels of Col. Prentiss Ingraham

On Stanley Weyman, Greatest of the Yellow Nineties Swashbuckling Romancers.

The Romance of the Sword: A personal essay on swashbucklers

M. B. S. Strode-Jackson's Elizabethan Romance Tansy Taniard.

The Life & Times of Jeffery Farnol, Esq.

Feffery Farnol by Arthur St. John Adcock.

Gadzooks! It's Jeffery Farnol!

Me & My Westerns

Zane Grey & My Father, by Charles Williams


On Writing & Editing

Journal Notes on Censorship

Pitfall of Purple

Written in Blood: Farewell to 1990s Vampire Erotica.

My adventures in Underground Seattle

A Haunted Tale of Justice, a story selection from John Collier & Fredric Brown Went Quarreling Through My Head

The Goblin Skull; or, Australopithecus & Me

Seventeen Ways to Annoy an Editor

Fanciful Dreams of the Author

Homeless Days, Homeless Nights


Essays on bookselling & booksellers

Why Booksellers are Curmudgeons

Why a Catalog Bookshop is Preferable to a Walk-in Shop

A Guide to Pricing Books without Losing your Soul

Selling What I Like

Elbert Hubbard, Megalomaniac & Self-Proclaimed Genius

The Eleventh Edition Encylopaedia Britanica

Where Do Booksellers Find All Those Books?

A Remembrance of Seattle Bookseller Harold Taves, with notes on his pal , artist Hannes Bok

A Remembrance of Les Sample, Science Fiction Fan & Seattle Bookseller


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