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She, by H. Rider Haggard

Lost Race Novels
Lost Race Novels, II
Lost Race Novels , III
Lost Race Novels , IV
Lost Race Novels , V
Portraits of Ayesha

Jungle Thrills
J. Allen St. John
Edgar Rice Burroughs
Bomba the Jungle Boy

Tom Swift in Capitivity; or, A Daring Escape by Airship

Adventure Fantasies
Fantastic Flight
Tom Swift Senior

Ant Ventures, by Blanche Wade

Vintage Juvenile Fantasies
Fairyland II

Golden Scorpion detail

Orientalia, Part II
Orientalia, Part III
Sax Rohmer's Sumuru

First Englishman

Historical Delights
Historical Delights II
Historical Delights III

Pirates & Swordsmen
Pirates & Swordsmen II
Swashbucklers & Historicals

Red Beard of Virginia

Jeffery Farnol

The Ape the Idiot & Other People

Art Nouveau Ghosts
More Art Nouveau Ghosts
Victorian Bindings

Woodley Lane Ghost

Occult & Supernatural Novels
Ghosts & Demons

Master of Shadows by Margery Lawrence

Weird Detectives
Your first journey through the galleries & the museum
should be room by room using the above guide.
But here's an alternative Index mainly to help you find your way back to
specific dustwrappers, bindings, & illustration plates that may stick in mind:
Master Index to Books featured in all the Galleries
arranged alphabetically by author.

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