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I. Lost Race Checklist

Introduction to Checklist

Lost Race Checklist A-B

Lost Race Checklist C-F

Lost Race Checklist G-J

Lost Race Checklist K-M

Lost Race Checklist N-Q

Lost Race Checklist R-S

Lost Race Checklist T-Z


II. More Lost Race Stuff at the Violet Books Website:

Lost Race Galleries I thru IV

A Meditation on Lost Race Literature

Lin Carter on H. Rider Haggard

Don Wollheim on H. Rider Haggard

Haggard's Reception in Africa

Where is Umslopogaas Buried?

Ghost Mountain & Nada

Haggard at Pagadi's Kop

About She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed

Dear Rider, by Andrew Lang

Allan & the Ice Gods Commentary

H. Rider Haggard Bibliography


III. The Lost Race Filmography:

Lost Race Cinema Part I: Haggard

Lost Race Cinema Part II: Burroughs

Lost Race Cinema III: Others A-L

Lost Race Cinema III: Others M-Z

Filming King Solomon's Mine


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