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I. Fantasy Novels

Tomoe Gozen. New York: Ace Books, 1981; & German edition. Volume I of "The Tomoe Gozen Saga." Wraps.

The Golden Naginata. New York: Ace, 1982; & German edition. Wraps. Volume II of "The Tomoe Gozen Saga" illustrated by Wendy Wees.

The Swordswoman. New York: Tor Books, 1982 wraps; Doubleday Book Club, 1982 hardcover. Illustrated by Wendy Wees. Title was supposed to have been Swordswoman of Endsworld.

Thousand Shrine Warrior. New York: Ace, 1984; & German ed. Wraps. Book III of "The Tomoe Gozen Saga" illustrated by Wendy Wees.

Ou Lu Khen & the Beautiful Madwoman. New York: Ace, 1985; & German edition. Illustrated by Wendy Wees. Wraps.

Anthony Shriek, His Doleful Adventures; or, Lovers of Another Realm. New York: Dell/Abyss Books, 1992. Wraps.

The Disfavored Hero. California: Pacific Warriors, Inc., 1999. Hardcover & trade pb. This is a reissue of Tomoe Gozen with the original title restored, with considerably corrected & revised text, & retaining the illustrations by Wendy Wees.


Silver ThreadII. Short Story Collections

Tragedy of the Moisty Morning. Oregon: Angst World Library, 1978. Wraps; a single short story chapbook.

Hag's Tapestry. Runcorn, England: The Haunted Library, 1986. Wraps. Collects: "Full Moon Tonight" "The Rare Rains" "Nightmare Circus". New stories: "The Uphill Slide" "A Mere Tragedy" "Excerpt from an Old Journal". Illustrated by Wendy Wees.

A Silver Thread of Madness. New York: Ace Books, 1989. Wraps. Collects: "Lincoy's Journey" "The Romance of Tcheska & Provetsko" "Stomping Grounds of the Gods" "Eagle-Worm" "A Child of Earth & Hell" "Samurai Fugue" "Time-Slit through a Rice Paper Window". New stories: "Three Dirty Men" "Seller of Stones" "The Old Woman Who Dragged Her Husband's Corpse" "Threats" "Nights in the City" (selected by Karl Edward Wagner for Year's Best Horror, 1989), "Atrocities" "Body Rot" "Remembering Allan" "Parenting" "Tycoon & Lady Death" "The Womb & the Grave" "Meditations & Confessions Regarding my Disturbing Ability" "Story of a Castle Page". Here's an off-site Review of A Silver Thread of Madness

John Collier & Fredric Brown Went Quarreling Through My Head. Buffalo, New York: Weirdbook Press, 1989. Boxed limited; trade hardcover; trade paper. Illustrated by Tony Patrick. Collects: "The Trilling Princess" (honorable mention in Year's Best Fantasy & Horror First Annual Collection, 1988), "Pit" "The Fabulous Sea Below" "Biology Class" "Precisely What Happened" "Wander" "The Clown" "Beckoner of the Nightwatch" "Patrons" "I Can't Lose!" "The Truth About Mrs. Chauncey & Her Television Set" "Under the House" "Come the Eaters" "Carmanda" "Voice" "The Evil Jinn" "Five Cents a Look" "The Apple Boy" "Youngin". New stories: "The Two Devils" "The Rental Agreement" "The Day the Slaves were Freed" "None" "Quadrivial" "The Garbage Dispose-All" "Angela's Love" & "A Haunted Tale of Justice" also available here online. Notes.

Harmless Ghosts. Haunted Library, England, 1990. Wraps. Illustrated by Allan Kosowski. Small wraps, probably less than 200 copies. 20 copies hardbound by Tabula Rasa Press (1996). Preface. New stories: "The Hounds of the Hearth" "Harmless Ghosts" "Jeremiah".

Mystic Women: Their Ancient Tales & Legends Recounted by a Woman Inmate of the Calcutta Insane Asylum. Seattle: Street of Crocodiles, 1991. Limited edition wraps, with 50 handbound limited edition hardcovers. Contains: "Gargi, the Sphinx" "Maitreyi & Katyani" "Vasavadatta, the Courtesan" "The Mango Lady" "The Courtesan Who Worked a Miracle" "The Lay Nun Who Gave of Herself" "The Reborn Divinities" "Rayamati, the Savioress" "The Circumvention of Fate" "Bhadra & the Mendicant" "Kisagautami, the Celebrated Nun". Notes.

The Mysterious Doom & Other Ghostly Tales of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle: Sasquatch Press, 1992. Trade wraps. Illustrated by Jules Remedios Faye. Collects: "Jeremiah" & "The Fabulous Sea Below". New tales: "The Mysterious Doom of Joshua Winfield" "The Barnacle Maid" "Hag's Head of Angel Street" "The Phantom Hound of Christmas" "The Headless Colonel" "The Last Passenger" "Pool of the Maple God" "Serene Omen of Death in the Pike Place Market" "The Forest in the Lake" "The Oval Dragon" "Legend of the White Eagle Saloon" "Sarah, the Ghost of Georgetown Castle" "Fritz, the Gentle Ghost of Shaw Island" "Ogopogo" "The Queen Mum". Notes.

Wisewomen & Boggy-Boos: A Dictionary Of Lesbian Fairy Lore co-authored with Jules Remedios Faye. Austin, Texas: Banned Books, 1992. Trade wraps. Somewhere in the vicinity of one-third of these short stories, vignettes & poems were written by JAS, a third by JRF, & a third co-authored. Most pieces by JAS alone are listed here. Collected stories: "Anna & the Miserable Man" "The Evil Jinn" "Haggardly Beth & the Black Hour" (honorable mention in Year's Best Science Fiction IX, 1992), "Three Wisewomen & a Fool" "The Wisewomen & the Wonder". New stories: "The Corn Fairy & the Gypsy" "The Dead Moon" "The Kaifeng Beggar Women" "The Princess Knight" "The Three Feminists" "The Visit of Tiger Maid" "The Wandering Gentlewomen" "Yuki Onna & the Woodcutter's Daughter". Collected poems & prose poems: "Crone" "For the Biographer of Goblins" "Madwoman" "Pets Given in Evidence of Old English Witchcraft" "The Sorceress & the Sleeping Witch". New poems & prose poems: "One Night of Love" "Cat Anna" "Churchmilk Gladdy" "Doony-ma" "Gloriana" "Goldy Yarrow" "Grandmother Junk" "Hazden Mot, the Nuggly Little Woman" "Killy-ma, the Kelpie of Warwickshire" "Magic Shopping Cart" "Six Drunken Ladies" "Peg o'Nell" "Sabrina" "Waps & Thacks" "When I Was a Priest" "Zany".

The Eleventh Jaguarundi & Other Mysterious Persons. LaGrand, Oregon: WordCraft of Oregon, 1995. Limited to 250 copies, 26 of which were hardbound by Ars Obscura, the rest trade wraps. Illustrated by Thomas Wiloch. Collects: "How to be a Surrealist" "The Strange Voyage of Doctor Morbid" "The Fate of de Maupassant" "These Four Dreams" "A Celestial Occurrence" "Doves" "Strange Doings in Viktor's Village" (honorable mention in Year's Best Fantasy & Horror IX, 1996), "Incunabula" "Story with Story" "O, Familiar Man" "Madame Enchantia & the Maze of Dream" "Why Write, White Rye?" New tales: "The Eleventh Jaguarundi" "Being Lost Viewed as a Virus Viewed as an Angel Lost in the Molecular Structure of the Human Gene" "The Barker's Hat" "Allison's Cards".

Phantom Waters: Northwest Legends of Rivers, Lakes & Shores. Seattle: Sasquatch Press, 1995. Trade wraps. Illustrated by Jules Remedios Faye. Collects: "Spirit Elk" "Ghoul John & the Corpse" "Young Man Who Became Weary" "The Shinbone Staff" "The Door to Rainmaker's Lodge" (honorable mention Year's Best Science Fiction XIII, 1996), "When the Woman Chief was Young". New tales: "The Legend of Chief Patkanim's Spies" "The Phantom Ship" "The Ruined Idyll" "The Girl Who Loved the Forest" "Why the Loon Cries" "Place of Thunder" "The Vanished Great Lake" "The Bone-cleaner of Blue Lake" "The Swan Queen & the Elk Child" "The Changelings" "Red Wolf's Daughter & Bloody Chief's Son" "Lake of the Jealous Women" "Spirit of the Grey Wolf" "The Mysterious Hermit of Little Falls" "The Woman Whose Husband was a Seal" & "The Woman Who Turned to Soap" which sampling you can read on-line at another website. Dedicative Introduction. Notes & Commentaries.

Mister Monkey & Other Sumerian Fables. Seattle: Tabula Rasa, 1995. 200 copy limited edition leatherbound miniature book. Contains: "The Cat & the Mongoose" "The Dissatisfied Hyena" "The Crab & His Crony" "The Turtle & the Uplands" "The Long Life of the Ox" "The Donkey & the Wolf" "The Nine Wolves & the One Wolf" "The Donkey's Bed" "The Donkey & Destiny" "The Clever She-goat" "The Lion & the Bush-pig" "The Fatted Pig" "The Pig & the Lamb" "The Cow's Depression" "The Fox & the Ox" "The Ox & the Fox" "The Fox & the Dogs" "The Ox Horns & the Fox" "Why the Dog is Subservient to Man" "The Dog & the Trainer" "The Vicious Dog" "The Useless Rage" "Misplaced Anger" "The Horse & the Rider" "The Horse & the Mule" "The Show Dog & the Mongrel" "Mr. Monkey" "The Wealthy Ram" "The Rich Ram & the Donkey" "The Akkadian Donkeys" "The Oxen & the City" "The Mouse & the Grain Chest" "The Mongoose & the Mice" "The Beggar Dog" "The Fox Who Thought He was Clever" "The Fox & the Ocean" "The Ox & His Sister" & "The Elephant & the Wren".

Twenty-one Novels. Seattle: Tabula Rasa, 1995. 300 copy limited edition leatherbound miniature book of one-sentence stories. The title is the publisher's; my title was Little Tales of Animals & Vegetables & Men.

The Dark Tales. Wales: Sarob Press, 2002. High fantasies in the manner of Clark Ashton Smith: "Nitimandrey & the Cabinetmaker's Vision" "Rain of Spiders" "The Revelations & Pursuits of Timith son of Timith" "Hode of the High Place" "Wrath of the Ebon Nights" "Meadow Silence" "The Winged Llama of the Mesa" "The Black Desert of Gomba Mo" "The One Great Achievement of Padinre Luil" "The Piebald Man" "The Assassin's Foe" "Iodonis & the Twin Titans" "The Ravaging in the Dell".

The Deep Museum: Ghost Stories of a Melancholic. British Columbia: Ash-Tree Press, 2003. Limited to 500 hardcovers. Introduction entitled "The Tragic Adventures of a Superstitious Child". Collects: "The House that Knew No Hate" "The Toad Witch" "In the Red House" "Jeremiah" "Harmless Ghosts" "The Hounds of the Hearth" "A Mere Tragedy" "The Phantom Ship" "Blind Man on the Bus" "A Mirror for Eyes of Winter" "The Hungering Lass, A Little Legend of the Rhine" "The Noviciate" "Mamishka & the Sorcerer" "The Apartment" "Ghoul John & the Corpse" "The Mysterious Hermit of Little Falls" "The Woman Who Turned to Soap" "Explanation of a Ghost" "Excerpt from an Old Journal" "John & the Magic Skillet" "The Night It Came" "The Last Passenger" "The Headless Colonel" "The Queen Mum". New Tales: "Hotel" "The Itinerant" "Autumn Guest" "Mrs. Carr's Tale of Peshnekai's Ghost". Poems collected: "Bone Wings" "In the Palace of Dream" "In the Looking Glass, Life is Death" "House of Omens" "Lute" "Walk in Sable" "Black the Water" "Granny Obia" "Night Edged in Silver" "Puppet" "Crone". New Poems: "Agnostic's Final Breath" "No One in the House" "Dream-taught" & the poetry cycle "The Forsaken Reliquary: A Catalog of Imaginary Lithographic Tints" consisting of "Proem (In a Broken Suitcase)" "The Mournful Pangolin" "Mnemosyne's Dew-laden Harp" "The Satyr with the Hairbrush Tail" "A Midnight Ride in the Garden of Abomination" "This is Our In-and-Out Planet" "Thinking of Mrs. Partridge" "Swan Gate Recital" "Mice Bear Dreams Out of Twilight" "The Girl with Bluejays in her Chest" "The Tragedy of Saraphim" "In the Party Room" "The Flattering Decline of Toti" "Spider in the Eye of the Moon" "My Life with Athena" "The Grocery Run; or, Three Percussions" "Theme for Burned Orphanage" & ""Envoi (Scourging the Ancient of Days)"


III. Non-fiction

The Encyclopedia of Amazons: Women Warriors from Antiquity to the Present Era. New York: Paragon House, 1991 hardcover; New York: Anchor Doubleday, trade paperback, October 1992.

Amazonia: Antiquity's Bold Utopian Experiment. A work in progress.


IV. Poetry & Prose-poem Chapbooks

The Black Crusader & Other Poems of Horror. Springfield, Missouri: W. D. Firestone Press, 1979. Wraps. Limited to approximately 200 copies. One copy only was handbound in boards, designed by Wendy Wees. Collects: "Fine Fettered Friend" "Rites" "The Beast of Unknown Heritage" "Terror in the Night" "Suzanne" "The Black Crusader" "Near the Crypt" "The Adoring Wraith" "Torso" "Were Teddy".

Moonstill Tulip Wine & Others. Seattle: Duck's-Foot Tree, 1979. A giftbook for WisCon, 1979. Wraps. Limited to approximately 80 copies. Introduction: "The Revelation of Feminist Poetics". Collects: "Message from My Mother" "The Woman Who" "Were-Teddy". New poems: "From Adrienne I Learned This" "Dreamtouch Laughter" "Amerika, Amerika" "Essay" "Hiding" "The Gremlin" "Women on the Bus" "Magic Woman". Includes also a poem & a poem-in-prose by Diane Policelli.

Cheap Present. Seattle: Duck's-Foot Tree, 1980. Illustrated by Wendy Wees. Wraps. A giftbook limited to about 25 copies given to friends at NorWesCon in 1980. Six poems (see immediately below).

On the Shores of Eternity. Seattle: Duck's-Foot Tree, 1981. Wraps. Limited to approximately 110 copies. Illustrated by Wendy Wees. Incorporates the six poems from Cheap Present plus four others: "The Evil Eye" "Heir to Our Mother" "On the Shores of Eternity" "Alas, Mother Right" "Tomorrow's Sailors" "Wotan" (previously as "A God of Virtues"), "Where Walked a Tree" "Returning" "Cabbage Man" "In Praise of Rhymesters".

Feigned Death & Other Sorceries. Seattle: Duck's-Foot Tree, Seattle, 1983. Wraps. Limited to 100 copies. Collects: "Party" "The Sorceress & the Sleeping Witch" "Handbill for the Harlequin" "Feigned Death" "Cynicism" "Madwoman" "The Woman Who" "The Unsuspecting" "The Ghost Upon the Staircase" "The Princess & the Crocodile" "Homoensis Superior" "Hyborean Reality".

Ten Magnificent Peonies Presents SLIDE SHOW. Seattle: Duck's-Foot Tree, 1983. Dada pamphlet, 100 copies.

Young Tyrone. Seattle: Duck's-Foot Tree, 1983. Dada pamphlet, 100 copies.

In This Vent. Seattle: Duck's-Foot Tree, 1983. Dada pamphlet, 100 copies.

Innocent of Evil: Poems in Prose. Madison, Wisconsin: Dream House, 1984. Wraps. Illustrated by Robert Kellogg. New poems-in-prose: "The Wrong Ghost" "Pulling" "Harvestman" "Box" "Limbo" "Post Card" "Lost" "The Judge" "City" "Suphlatus" "Incunabula".

The Patient Child. Seattle: Duck's-Foot Tree, 1985. Wraps. 100 copies issued for NorWesCon, Seattle, 1985. Single poem in imitation of Sir Walter Scott.

Fantasies in Black & White. Seattle: Duck's-Foot Tree, l987. Wraps. Three new poems in prose written for illustrations by Donald Corley: "Sonnet-Weaving" "An Attic Funeral" & "Chinoise". Issued together with Fantasies in Amber, two poems in prose by Jules Remedios Faye. 100 pairs issued for the World Fantasy Convention in Nashville, 1987.

The Ghost Garden. Liverpool: Dark Dreams Press, 1988. Wraps. Illustrated by Jules Remedios Faye & Dallas Goffin. Introduction by Marvin Kaye. Illustrated by Dallas Goffin & Jules Remedios Faye. Collects: "Visitation" "The Ghost Garden" "Nocturne" "The Anguished Ghost" "The Ghost Upon the Staircase" "Street Corner Park's Ghost" "Coming Home" "The Whiteness of the Morning's Night" "The Gorgeous Beast" "Sad Lady Death" "The Ghastly, Ghastly Man" "Nightfall" "Dirge for Pale Creature" "Deep Memory" "Feigned Death" "The Poplars" "Lost Secrets" "The Boon Companion" "An Untold Tale" "Mourning Son" "Night of the Fowl" "Fine Fettered Friend" "Epitaph" "The Adoring Wraith" "Hannah" "For Emily D." New poems: "Little Sad Spirit" "The Singing Dead" "What Else than This" "Darkland" "The Friend" "The Children's Poem of Death" "Black Shuck".

A Celestial Occurrence. Seattle: Street of Crocodiles, 1991. A poem-in-prose limited to 135 numbered copies published as broadside bound into Wazgoose Anthology 1991 (Toronto, Canada, 1991) with 24 lettered copies separately bound in wraps.

The Goddess Under Siege. Seattle: Street of Crocodiles, 1992. Letterpress, hardcover edition of 200 copies designed, handbound in Japanese watercolor papers over boards, & with frontispiece woodblock print by Jules Remedios Faye. New poems-in-prose: "The Luminous Saturnalia" "The Oak" (honorable mention in Year's Best Fantasy & Horror VI, 1993), "The Last Dart" "Sirenedae" "The Sky Without Orion" "Gnosis" "Harpina" "Hesperides" "Night" "The Pale Maiden".

Sorceries & Sorrows: Early Poems. Polk City, Iowa: Chris Drumm Books, 1992. Wraps. 100 copies. Issued back-to-back with Bibliography of published works up to 1992. Collects: "The Four Demons" "Satan's Daughters: Chaste & Fornication" "Deep Memory" "The Beast of Unknown Heritage" "The Carrier" "Terror in the Night" "Alas, Mother Rite" "Tomorrow's Sailors" "Where Walked a Tree" "Wotan" "Dreamtouch Laughter" "Magic Woman" "The Evil Eye" "My Sister's Crime Revealed" "In Praise of Rhymersters" & "Biography." Previously unpublished: "Improvements on a Cynical Child" "The Junk Man's Dumb Prattle" "The Rotting House of the Lord" "Faces" "Is there Anybody in the World" "Jeremy" "Shadow".

Songs of the Maenads. Seattle: Duck's-foot Tree & the Street of Crocodiles, 1992. 100 copies, 26 of these handbound hardcover. Collects: "Quest of the Demoness" from an obscure Italian journal. New poems: "Rejoice in the All-mother" "The Maenads are Leaping" "Pandrosos" "The Maenads' Prayer to the Muses" "These Lines for Tara".

The Horn of Tara: Holiday Hymns for the Universal Mother; a pleasingly heretical giftbook for some of my sweet chums. Seattle: Duck's-foot Tree, 1995. Wraps. Limited to 75 copies. Introduction. Collects: "Prayer to the World Matrix for the Abhorring Children" & "Prayer to the Cosmic Dancer." New poems: "Cities of Dust" "Hymn to the Mother of Sorrows" "Prayer of the Mendicant" "Prayer to the Unifier of Treasures" "Prayer to the Mother of Mountains" "Prayer Upon the Sea of Bliss".

Lake of the Devil: Poems of Morosity & Jest. Seattle: Duck's-foot Tree, 1995. Wraps. Limited to 75 copies. Collects: "The Tree's Ornaments" "Small Repulsive Man" (honorable mention in Year's Best Fantasy & Horror V, 1992), "Figblat" "Grossialdo!" "First Chevy to the North Pole" "Puppet" "O! Little Birdy!" "Lute" "In the Looking Glass, Life is Death" "On the Shores of Eternity" "Agnostic's Final Breath" "Beauty into Night" "Black the Water" (honorable mention in Year's Best Horror & Fantasy V, 1992), "Loneliness & a Crystal Wind" "The Merman at ye Olde Curiosity Shoppe" "Tomorrow I Will Slink Away" "Soul's Battle". New poems: "Snuffle" "To An Expiring Villain" "The Wonderful Vivisection" "A Youth in Shadow" "Luella Miller".

Strange Miniatures from a Northwest Studio. Bremerton: Duck's-foot Tree Press & Nothing Much Productions, 2001. Limited to 100 copies, handsewn pamphlet with full color cover by Rhonda Boothe. New & collected poems in prose: "Islands" "The Mice Who Redeemed Rabbi Judah" "Harvestman" "Boy with Car" "History Lesson" "The Kissing Gourami" "Play Dead" "Chance Meeting." New poems in prose: "One Night of Love" "When I Was a Priest" "Parson's Disease" "Little Nemo" "Ads."


V. Edited & with introductions by J.A.S.

Amazons! New York: DAW Books, 1979. Wraps. Recipient of World Fantasy Award. Translated into Dutch, German, Italian & Norwegian; two movie adaptations (The Rape Patrol in German, & Amazons! from Roger Corman).

Amazons II. New York: DAW Books, 1982; translated into German. Wraps.

Amazoni ed Eroine: L'heroic fantasy. Rome: Fanucci Editore, 1987), omnibus of Amazons ! & Amazons II with two additional Italian stories.

Heroic Visions. New York: Ace Books, 1983. Wraps.

Tales by Moonlight. Chicago: Robert T. Garcia Books, 1983, hardcover; New York: Tor Books, 1984, wraps.

Heroic Visions II. New York: Ace, 1985. Wraps.

The Haunted Wherry & Other Rare Ghost Stories. Madison, Wisconsin: The Strange Company, 1985. Approximately 200 copies were printed in large trade wraps. Ten copies were hardbound by Kristi Austin. Cover by Wendy Wees; interior photo-illustrations by Harry O. Morris.

Faded Garden: The Collected Ghost Stories of Hildegarde Hawthorne. Madison, Wisconsin: The Strange Company, 1985. Cover design by Wendy Wees. Approximately 200 paperback copies, with ten copies specially handbound by Kristi Austin.

Collected Supernatural Stories of Fitz-James O'Brien: Volume I, Macabre Tales. together with Volume II: Dream Tales & Fantasies New York: Doubleday, 1988. Hardcover set.

Tales by Moonlight II. New York: Tor Books, 1989. Wraps.

What Did Miss Darrington See? An Anthology of Feminist Supernatural Stories. New York: The Feminist Press, 1989. Trade wraps, limited hardcover, & Quality Paperback Book Club alternate. Recipient of the ReaderCon Award & the Lambda Literary Award.

Wife or Spinster: Short Stories by 19th Century American Women, edited with Charles Waugh. Maine: Yankee Books, 1991. Trade wraps.

From Out of the Past: The Indiana Ghost Stories of Anna Nicholas. British Ghost Story Society, 1991. Wraps, limited to 100 copies.

Master of Fallen Years: The Complete Supernatural Stories by Vincent O'Sullivan. London: Ghost Story Press, 1995. Hardcover, limited to 400 copies.

The Rose of Death & Other Mysterious Delusions by Julian Hawthorne. British Columbia: Ash-tree Press, 1997. Hardcover, limited to 500 copies.

The Shell of Sense: Complete Ghost Stories of Olivia Howard Dunbar. Uncasville, Connecticut: Richard H. Fawcett Publisher, 1998. Hardcover, limited to 400 copies. Illustrated by Wendy Wees.

Twilight & Other Supernatural Romances by Marjorie Bowen. British Columbia: Ash-Tree Press, 1998. Hardcover limited to 500 copies. Preface by the author's son, Hilary Long.

Lady Ferry & Other Uncanny People by Sarah Orne Jewett. British Columbia: Ash-Tree Press, October 1998. Hardcover, limited to 500 copies. Preface by Joanna Russ.

The Phantom Coach: An Antiquary's Ghost Stories, by Augustus Jessopp. Uncasville, Connecticut: Richard H. Fawcett Publisher, 1999. Hardcover, limited to 400 copies.

The Wind at Midnight: Complete Ghost Stories of Georgia Wood Pangborn British Columbia: Ash-Tree Press, 1999. Hardcover, limited to 500 copies.

The Moonstone Mass & others by Harriet Prescott Spofford. British Columbia: Ash-Tree Press, 2000. Hardcover, limited to 500 copies.

The Golden Gong: & Other Night-Pieces & Unpleaasantries, by Thomas Burke. British Columbia: Ash-Tree Press, 2001. Hardcover, limited to 500 copies.

Sinister Romance: Complete Ghost Stories of Mary Heaton Vorse. British Columbia: Ash-Tree Press, 2002. Hardcover limited to 500 copies.

The Empire of Death: Complete Weird Tales of Alice Brown. British Columbia: Ash-Tree Press, 2003. Hardcover, limited to 500 copies.

Sins & Further Iniquities by Marjorie Bowen. British Columbia: Ash-Tree Press, in press. Hardcover, limited to 600 copies.

City of the Sea, & Other Ghost Stories by Jerome K. Jerome. British Columbia: Ash-Tree Press, in press. Hardcover, limited to 500 copies.

The Dreams of Ghosts: Complete Ghost Stories of Annie Trumbull Slosson. British Columbia: Ash-Tree Press, in press. Hardcover, limited to 500 copies.


VI. Uniques

"Uniques" are "one of a kind" hand-made books, generally combining collages & prose. Also included here are a few highly limited handmade editions. Excluded from this list are unique card-decks & similar non-book objects using bookbinding materials & papers & found images.

Little Tales of Animals & Vegetables & Men. 1991. In construction envelope. A selection of absurdist stories as short as one sentence. Gift to Paul Novitski, Christmas 1991.

Little Tales. 1992. Slipcased. A selection of stories as short as one sentence, leading with the longest, the prose-poem "Sarah's Dream." Created for first Mills College women's book arts exhibition. Sold to an L.A. gallery while at exhibition. Disposition unknown.

Questionable Day Care Poems & Stories. 1992. Slipcased. A selection of groteque rhymes. Created for first Mills College women's book arts exhibition. Collection of John Latharakis of Tabula Rasa Press.

In a Cafe. 1992. One original short story. Boxed scroll, created for first Mills College women's book arts exhibition. Gift to Tami Vining the following year.

These Four Dreams. 1992. A short story in four parts. Slipcased. Created for, & sold at Mills College women's book art exhibition. Disposition unknown.

The Book of Chokhmah. 1992. An extended paraphrase of sundry Wisdom literatures, with invented additions. Large scroll in hinged scroll-box. Created for first Mills College women's book art exhibition. Author's collection.

Bobb Raggle-Taggle. 1993. Edition of 10 handbound in cloth. Miniature essay. Winter holiday gifts for close friends.

The Uselessness of Senses. 1994. Edition of 3, no two alike, save for the gopi maid bindings. Five whimsical prose miniatures. Winter holiday gifts for close friends.

Collector of Rugs. 1994. Unique. Gopi maid binding. Holiday gift for John Berry.

Granny Obia. 1994. Unique. Gopi maid binding. Holiday gift for Barbara Bryant.

Dream-taught together with Magic Shopping Cart: A Bag Lady's Tale. 1994. Unique matched set, miniature books "boxed" in a small screen-metal sack, volume one a poem, volume two a prose miniature. Holiday gift for Molly Blades.

The Patriotic Harlot. 1996. Unique. Gopi-maid binding. Holiday gift to Chet Braun & Martha de Forest of Pacific Warriors, Inc.

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