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How the Emma-Lindsay Squier pages came about


EmmaThe world wide web provides many opportunities for chance meetings that would certainly not happen otherwise.

In the middle of January I received a phone call from one of the few living relatives of fantasist, nature, & travel writer Emma-Lindsay Squier. The call was to Violet Books to order a copy of Emma's brilliant collection of heroic fantasies, Bride of the Sacred Well (1928) which I had listed in my on-line catalog. At first I had no idea I was speaking to one of the author's nieces.

Because Violet Books specializes in the sorts of books I personally really love, I could not help but mention that I had done a little research on Emma-Lindsay Squier & had a manuscript box full of photocopies of uncollected stories. Rather than the usual "Is that so" I typically get whenever I admit to an interest in some author most of the world has forgotten, my caller, Susi Squier Wilson, said, "You have? Well she was my great aunt, & I was given my middle name after her." I was dumbfounded & excited & before our conversation was over I was told how to get in touch with another living niece, Aileen Block, who had written a biography of Emma distributed between family & a few friends. Aileen's middle name was also Lindsay after her aunt, plus, as Aileen tells me, "I named my daughter Emily after her, & she has named one of her daughters Lindsay. My son used Lindsay as a middle name for one of his daughters, also. Since Emma-Lindsay had no children of her own, we've tried to keep her name alive."

Three-way faxes & e-mails zipped between us & before an hour was up, the idea for a Emma-Lindsay Squier Webpage was firmly established in my mind. My research on Emma had really netted very little beyond what she was willing to reveal in her travel tales -- notably in Gringa: An American Woman in Mexico (1934) -- & in the few rather minor biographical notices published during her lifetime. I still remember the disappointing day years ago when I went to Seattle Public Library, then to Suzallo Library at the University of Washington, to look at microfilm copies of the only lengthy obituary-essay for which I could find any citation (the citation being only in an old handwritten cardfile system that the Seattle Public Library has since jettisoned). The sad part was that there were two editions of that day's newspaper, & only one edition was preserved for posterity. Apparently only the other edition had that biographical essay & I have never been able to read what it said.

Aileen Block's book vastly made up for my former disappointment. It is called Emma-Lindsay's Scrapbook: A Biography of Emma-Lindsay Squier spiral bound for a few family friends. Drawing on her own family knowledge, geneological research, & on personal letters available to no one else, Aileen has done an important job producing a document of lasting value about an author whose fascinating life might otherwise have passed unnoticed by history. Though biographies of writers not widely remembered are just about the most impossible kind of book to sell even to academic presses & never to commercial presses, it is nevertheless my hope that this biography will one day find a publisher & become generally available. I at least feel most privileged to have been able to read it in its spiral bound manuscript "edition."


In the coming weeks & months I will be adding other features about Emma-Lindsay Squier & her works. I am counting on her nieces Susi & Aileen to each write something & I've a couple things to say about her works. I will eventually write the html code & do the scans for a gallery of the artworks done for her stories, including by her friend James E. Allen, a spectacular fantasy & swashbuckler illustrator & one of the finest early artists to bring dinosaurs to life with his art. I'd already included one of Squier's dustjackets in the Gallery of Historical Delights showing the front & back color illustrations by James. As time permits there will likely appear one of her short stories, perhaps something never collected. And I have the beginnings, at least, of a bibliography of her books & magazine appearances, still needing a lot of work before it's web-worthy. And others who find their way to this webpage & are surprised to learn they're not the only one enamored of her writings, I hope such people will volunteer their own perspective to place here.


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