About the Emma-Lindsay Squier Portrait
by Aileen S. Block


Emma The oil portrait is of Emma-Lindsay Squier as a young woman. The time & place of its creation are unknown, though it is probable that it was painted in California during the early years of her residence in San Diego.

The size of the painting is 25" by 31". On the back of the frame this information is attached:

"The painter, Gordon Coutts, has a varied career. Born in Scotland, fifty-five years ago, a relative of Baroness Burdett-Coutts, he wandered from Aberdeen to Australia, where he married. From Australia he went to California, where he has since made his home. During the war he spent his time in London and Paris."

Emma-Lindsay was fond of the portrait, & kept it with her wherever she happened to make her home. After her death, it remained in the possession of her husband, John Bransby, who generously sent it to me in 1985. The painting had suffered somewhat from age & climatic conditions, & the varnish had darkened through the years; therefore it was professionally restored in 1991


copyright 2000 by Aileen S. Block, all rights reserved


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